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Organic Sidr (Beri) Honey is a medical grade honey, particularly recommended for kids for its exceptionally high mineral, vitamins and active enzyme content which helps towards strengthening the immune system and cognitive (brain) development.

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If you love honey (and believe that honey is also a medicine) then you will love Sidr Raw Honey. It is slightly expensive compared to the processed, treated varieties that have been de-natured and widely available in the market. Our honey is raw and cold-extracted. This means that honey is taken from the hives with no heat applied. Applying heat makes honey runnier and kills off the good enzymes.

Once extracted, honey is not filtered using extra thick mesh wire. No industrial process is used for honey filtration.We use a special very old fashioned bottler to place the thick, candying honey into sterilised glass jars. This way, the honey stays as natural as we can get it.

Generally, all raw honey is slightly acidic in nature (pH ranging from 4.0 to 6.0) however, Organic Sidr (Beri) Honey is an exception. It is has a pH value of 7.1 – 7.4 which is very close to human blood pH value (7.3). This means, it takes a matter of seconds to dissolve in our bloodstream, providing an efficient source of high quality energy, minerals and vitamins. This medical grade honey is popular among st Olympic level athletes, consumed before high intensity work outs.

There is no use of pesticides in the surrounding areas so please be assured that this honey has come from the highest quality of organic nectar of the Sidr Tree’s blossom.

عسل السدر خام ومُستخلص بالطريقة الباردة. بمعنى أننا لا نستخدم أي حرارة أو تصفية للعسل. عسل السدر لدينا يحتوي على المعادن والفيتامينات والإنزيمات الفعّالة للحفاظ على فوائده الطبيّة